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Welcome to the Skype Status Page. Stay connected with real-time updates for Skype, the global communication platform. Check the Skype status page for live updates and notifications.
All systems operational.
About Skype:
Skype is a widely-used communication platform that enables users to connect through instant messaging, voice calls, and video chats. Whether for personal or business use, Skype offers real-time interactions, allowing people to stay connected across the globe.

Stay Informed with Our Skype Status Page:
For seamless communication, we maintain a dedicated Skype Status Page, providing real-time updates on our services. Monitor our Skype Status Page to stay informed about any ongoing issues, maintenance, or disruptions that may impact your conversations. Rely on our responsive Skype Status Page to proactively address challenges and continue enjoying uninterrupted connections with friends, family, and colleagues.
There are no logs available for this date range.
All data is based on the Europe/Stockholm timezone.
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